About Us

Hello! Many thanks for visiting our website... Sartoris Products Ltd is a small manufacturing company in Wellingborough, Northants. We are a family business who employ 12 people. The BikerTidy was invented by the late Phil Barberton, owner and MD at the time who owned and rode many bikes for years.

Phil came up with the idea for the Biker Tidy when he was in his garage at home. In those days he owned a Honda Goldwing and a Triumph Rocket III so space was somewhat limited. He decided he needed some way of storing all his kit together in a small space, so he went into work and made one. Phil then thought "surely other people must have the same problem?" Lots of kit? No place to put it and keep it together? Plastic hangers not man enough to hold heavy leathers? The BikerTidy has solved this problem, the Double BikerTidy is perfect to store all motorcycle kit, it can hold 2 x trousers, 2 x jackets, 1 x all in one leather, 4 x gloves, 2 x boots, 2 x helmets and there will still be enough room for extras like ear plugs and neck warmers.

The BikerTidy range of units has grown considerably since it started and we are so proud of it. At exhibitions and through our website feedback form, you keep telling us great stories of how it has transformed your life and in some cases saved your marriage! You can't get better than that!

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